About Our Materials

Our metals

At L'atelier De Zee, our use of three diverse materials ensures accessibility, allowing everyone to acquire and experience our uniquely crafted jewelry pieces, each infused with genuine care and passion.

18k Fine Gold

we distinguish ourselves is through a commitment to exclusive premium materials, including 18K Fine Gold, natural full-cut diamonds, and semiprecious stones. Our unwavering dedication extends to ethically sourcing every component, upholding an elevated standard in craftsmanship.

Silver 925

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to premium excellence, showcasing Pure Silver 925 with CVD Zircon, Rodium Coverage and thoughtfully chosen semiprecious stones. Each component is ethically sourced, maintaining an elevated standard in craftsmanship and ensuring exceptional quality in every piece of our jewelry.

18k Gold Plated

Our edge of 18k Gold Plated on sturdy Sterling Silver 925, lasting yellow gold, CVD Zircon, and handpicked semiprecious stones. Ethical sourcing, elevated craftsmanship, and top-tier quality define our jewelry.